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So, where are you?
The perfect-she incarnation.
Summoned to this fallen world to inspire this fallen spirit.

The she, coming to my private visions for so many years?
I kept in secret..

Looks like no one of them have all your personal qualities.
They are just immitating them separately.

Or it looks like you have been divided and spreaded between them
and never united in the one.

As I knew and remembered, you always were consicous
and knew yourself.
You always were calm inside and assembled.

But all we have there - are just crazy girls.
No one of them can even gather herself.
so.. what about inspiring?.....

I was pretty sure you were a common girl..
From common family..
You was not rich or 'wearing a crown'..

But not even common in your spirit..

You were the one who was really very important.
But you always behaved yourself as common.

And why I so remember I was never searching for you.
It is you who came to us always..

You were the one I was pretty ready to meet.
You were the one I prepared my caress and my purity.. beared through many years and all this earth-hell.. and through many years before-earth maybe..

For the last decade of years I so believed in your existence.

..but it was looking like something really went wrong in this tangled world..

..and i sweared that i will find you anywhere if you really exist in this world.. if you can not do it yourself.. somewhy.. cause any hell can happen in this world.. that is the gist of it.. and cause the girls in this world are just weak by themselves.. but that is not supposing they are weak in spirit..

..and i will accept you in any your condition.. if you really need me and us.. closing my own eyes to all difficulties of this world.. despite you always were proud enough.. as was I.. we never supposed to be 'only' together.. but this world has it's own strangenesses.. i had to accept..

..i was barely myself-looking in this world.. not similar to my perfect visions.. only with hard effort there.. and behaved myself differently.. that might become the hard problem.. and i barely acted the exact spirit in visible there.. so that's why it is so hard to recognize me there.. and i always knew it and it always was the problem..

So, where are you?..

Is the deed we were supposed to fulfill together - i should fulfill it by myself only?

Do you know that without you, all this world is just a rotten rubbish?

Or i just dreamed you up in my idealistic visions?..
And some sensitive girls catch the pieces of your 'soul'..
And you have never existed?..

...I think, it's enough at this time.
Enough tearing me apart with all that pieces.

Enough tearing me apart with all those damned THAT-SHE-crazy-daughters.. they will never get enough.. and they will never cost a nail from your finger..

I have got it.. You are not existing.. looks like you are not existing, and should i do everything by myself?.. your inspiration also? It will be much harder, but i will do it anyway.. as that was i, who always did the impossible.. or nearly impossible.. even much longer before the earth..

Could be those my personal visions so strong.. and fake the same time?
I don't know.. I really don't know now..
( And they CAN NOT BE. I know it. )
Only them I believe really.. there is nothing else to believe really in..

Could be.. the last-you so similar to her?.. To whom i glued know?.. So close by energies.. so fitting to me as we are parts of one puzzle?.. By REAL energies, not by all that misguiding stuff around.. So close I couldn't even imagine there.. Could she be so happy only by occasion or 'mistake'?..

Forgive me anyway, the last-you.. i'm not really guilty there in anything. Looks like i'm a victim.. But forgive me anyway. Cause everything is just wrong there.

The way you are torturing there - turns out to be a real nightmare for me.

You are so, damn, similar to her...

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Начать новую тему Эта тема закрыта, Вы не можете редактировать и оставлять сообщения в ней.  [ 1 сообщение ] 

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